How Custom Golf Clubs Can Improve Your Golf Game

Custom Golf Clubs Improve Your Game

Do you love to play golf but are tired of having to visit the golf club repair shop on a regular basis? If this is the case then you are like many other golfers out there who have to deal with golf club repair on a regular basis just to enjoy the game you love so much. But,Guest Posting what if there was an option for you to avoid frequent trips to the golf club repair shop? What if you could finally play a round of golf with a set of golf clubs that really fit your size and swing without worrying about golf club repair? Well, you can and the way you can is with a set of custom golf clubs. Custom golf clubs may seem like a major expense up front, but if you sit down and consider the price of your current set of clubs in addition to all the golf club repair bills then you will see that when you do the math a custom golf club set really is not that expensive. And, the benefits of having custom golf clubs is that you will play better golf than ever and will enjoy the game even more. But, what are the benefits of custom golf clubs and why should you choose custom golf clubs over others? The following information will guide you to all the benefits and information you need to know about custom golf clubs.

All About Custom Golf Clubs

Just to make a point about custom golf clubs take a look around you the next time you are out on the golf course. Is everyone the same height, weight, sex, and age or are there major differences in appearance? Now, check out everyone’s golf clubs. Are all of the clubs practically the same with standard grips, lengths, and the like? So, what does this observation mean? It means that standard golf clubs don’t fit the majority of golfers. So if you truly want to improve your game you will customize a set of custom golf clubs, just for you. Now, you are probably thinking that custom golf clubs are even more expensive than name brand golf clubs. However, that is not necessarily the case. Not to mention that the fitted custom golf clubs you hear about aren’t anything at all like custom golf clubs, they are made from scratch just for you. Don’t get confused between fitted custom clubs and custom golf clubs. The fitted custom golf clubs simply start out with the standard set of clubs from any golf manufacturer and then they proceed to make the clubs more suitable to your personal and playing traits. Although the custom fitting doesn’t do too much other than cost you money because they are starting with a product that doesn’t fit you to begin with!

Why would anyone anticipate that mass produced clubs would help them play golf at their best? The reason is because golfers want to be better and they believe the hype from the golf manufacturers that the “newest” technology will improve their game. Well, the real answer is not in buying mass produced clubs but rather customizing your own golf clubs. Anyone who has ever had a set of custom golf clubs can tell you that finally having a set of clubs that are the right length, with the right grip, will greatly impact what you shoot the next time you are out on the golf course.

It is simply logical to buy custom golf clubs that are made to fit you or customize your own set of golf clubs. That means your golf swing is analyzed as well as your personal characteristics to create a custom golf club set that works with your golf style and not against it. A custom golf club set will allow you to have grips that are the right size for your hands, heads that reflect your skill, and shafts that are the right length and flex.

When you have your first custom golf club set made you may see some big differences from your last set of clubs. Your custom golf clubs may be a different length or the grip may be smaller or bigger. The flex may be different and the head might be different as well. For some people who set out to play with their custom golf clubs the first day they see amazing results. Others will need to make some changes and practice because although the custom golf clubs really fit their personal characteristics it’s difficult to change after playing with clubs that don’t fit for so long. Just a little practice and patience is all that is needed to see the difference custom golf clubs provide. Not to mention that when you have a custom golf club set made you will have new clubs that won’t be in need of golf club repair any time soon! If you really love golf then a custom golf club set is really worth the investment.

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Basics For Those Golf Basics

Basics For “Those Golf Basics”

A Gap in Golf Instruction?

In early 2004 I read an Internet article which contained the
statement that “golfers are desperately looking for golf

Hold on here! There has been some of the finest instruction for
any sport provided in current golf teaching. For someone to make
the above statement,Guest Posting it would seem ludicrous. I mean, there are
some tremendous golf teachers out there. They rank from those
who you see on the Golf Channel to those terrific gals and guys
who you know at your nearby golf course.

But, the above statement hints that something is not working.
Well, I have a good idea what is not working and what should
work. (Notice, I did not say that I KNOW what is not working.)

I will be introducing you to some new and vital golf tips and
golf instruction from this website. You will NOT be learning a
whole new method of swinging the golf club. This will not be some “revolutionary” golf swing theory. What I will show you are some fundamentals of golf swing movements which will prepare you for
the golf swing ideas presented in current theories of golf

I have had experience as a physical education teacher from
Grades 1 to 9. In one year I saw the full development from
a struggling Grade 1 student learning basic athletic movements
all the way to fluid-moving Grade 9 students (nearly a full-grown
adult). And, within that one year I quickly learned how to
develop that final fluid movement throughout all the ‘in-between”
growing stages.

(By the way, this is an experience that all Golf Pros should go
through to learn the deepest levels of teaching in their

I know the difficulty people of any age have in trying to learn
NEW body movements for any sport. Come to think of it – I know
that same difficulty for people of all ages when they try to
learn anything from how to safely cut a slice of roast beef to
how to correctly type out an email message to send to their
family or friends.

I’ve played most sports – except lacrosse. I am still learning
new concepts of how to correctly move for the sports that I use
to play. (A young lacrosse player showed me some moves that are
part of the golf swing. Aha! Didn’t know that did you?)

That is the key! You have to be willing to learn new concepts.
Even the new concepts of Natural Golf and Gravity Golf, to name
two, seem to miss the concept of basic body movement from which
“the basics of golf” can be taught.

The Golf Teaching Pro industry has very good “teaching stuff”.


Many people try to play golf and too many of those give up.

A possible answer: Golf instruction has originated from people
who have “figured” out how to do that which is good for their
own golf game. Because no other starting point was available,
mimicking the successful golfers and following their advice has
been the starting point for beginners or struggling golfers.

I was taught how to teach athletics from a man who loved soccer.
I had never played soccer until I met him in university. I not
only became a good soccer player – I became a good teacher of
soccer and any other sport.

That man taught us how to teach during the process of teaching
us how to play the game and learn the skills. And, since he was
preparing us to “go forth” and teach little children, he also
showed us how to teach to various levels of physical and mental

I have discovered that everyone who wants to learn how to swing
that “stick” to smack that “little white ball” has to learn some
simple Grade 1 type of movements.

Guess what! Those simple movements do not have to be golf-
related movements.

I have made a point of trying to find ways of relating common,
everyday life skill movements to the golf swing. I have tried
to relate the movements in a lot of other sports to the golf
swing movements. My conclusion? Everyone has already learned
something in their life which will help them learn an effective
way to hit the golf ball.

If you have ever tried to cut thin slices off a roast beef you
know that a certain skill or attentiveness is required. You need
to have precise movements and a “whole lot of no movements” to
do that job without cutting your finger off.

Silly analogy, I know. But, the connection is that controlled
movement along with absolute non-movement is important for
anything we do. That includes the golf swing.

Basic Teaching Concepts

What I teach is basic body movement which is controlled for the
precision needed as you teach your mind and body how to handle
a golf club.

I make people believers that they have the talent to enjoy this
sport even though they may have been given the idea that they
were not athletes or were too uncoordinated to do any sports.
I have always transformed these people within 5 minutes of my
first lesson.

You will learn, from my golf lesson modules, new information
which will teach you how to prepare to move and then how to
move during your golf swing. My methods work quickly because
they teach people how to make simple athletic movements. I could
charge a high price for each module. The information is valuable.
But, I am here to support the whole golf industry. I want you to
start with what you will learn from my modules and then progress
on to more advanced golf instruction, buy green fees, buy golf
clubs, etc. from the established golf pros and golf courses.

Fire in the Hole

Why am I stepping into a “fire of controversy” that awaits me?

Oh yes! I have been challenged for what I do in golf instruction.
But, I know something new! It brought me golf students from
outside the local area where I set up shop to teach local
golfers. There are a number of nearby Golf Pros offering their
services. Some of my students had taken lessons from these Pros
in the past. But, they came to me to learn some missing elements
in golf instruction.

In my first year I taught 115 registered students an average of
5 lessons each. As word spread of my teaching, golfers of various
levels came to me for 1 to 3 lessons. There were less than 10
registered students in the previous year.

No golf Pro was available in that town. I said to people, “I can
do that.” I got involved to fill the gap. I am a teacher, more
specifically, a teacher of athletics. I have patience. I was
what a lot of people wanted for their first try at learning to
golf or fix some problems with their current golf game. I made
a lot of money for nearby golf businesses by starting people into
golf with an enthusiastic desire to enjoy being on golf outings
with their friends and families.

I have no intention of becoming “the great wizard” of something
new in golf instruction.

But, here I am! Giving you a new way of learning how to play
golf which simply gets beginners learning how to do a good golf
swing very fast. Many of these people just want to be able to
get a few good golf hits at the company “beer and food”
celebration type of scramble golf tournament.

A number of my students have come back to me saying that they
“had a hoot” at their company golf tournament. They met new
business clients, they met new friends, they found a new way
to drink beer and swallow kaviar (whoops!), or whatever. They
were there because somebody (like me) gave them some golf
lessons which sent them on the way to enjoy their company party.

And, because they were new to golf they had to look into getting
some golf equipment and find places to golf. The result? The
golf pros, who did not get the lesson money, got other golf
related expenses from these new golfers.

I toiled at this for about $10.00 per hour just to see wonderful
people of all ages get a gentle start into an activity which I
have a great passion for.

I am happy that I got involved.

I am content that I came up with some new ideas to teach golf to
people who want to quickly learn if they can hit a golf ball
some of the time like those great golfers we see on television.

Surprising Techniques

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